I am the page about Mike Wolf

Mike Wolf is a husband, father, grandfather, friend, infovore, writer, blogger, software engineer, and technology evangelist (among other things, and not necessarily in that order) whose body is most often located in and around Blue Hill, Maine, but who lives on the Internet, at least according to his long-suffering wife, and who has a regrettable and here-demonstrated tendency to write long, run-on sentences, which he considers this part of his "writing style," and thinks it's amusing.

Mike has too much fun with web and other digital technology to keep it all to himself. He's involved in activities that introduce people to the pleasures of website building, blogging, programming, virtual reality, digital photography, digital music, and a host of other fun things. He's one of the founders of Blue Hill Hackers and is Mentor Wrangler for the Pioneer Prize. He's on the steering committee for Colloquy Downeast. He's eldrgeek on Github. He's here on LinkedIn, blogs here about security, here about whatever strikes his fancy. He's got accounts on Facebook and Twitter and Reddit, and other social media platforms, but he's on a no-social-media diet and suggests you join him.

Mike is often accused of being an optimist. He denies the accusation. Instead, he claims to be a possibilist, which he defines as "a person who believes that good outcomes are not certain, but they are possible." He believes its also possible that everything will turn to shit. He hopes it will not. At least not while anyone he cares about is still alive. Or anyone they care about, recursively.

He believes, inspired by physicist David Deutsch, that it's possible to solve any problem whose solution does not violate the laws of physics, given enough knowledge. He doesn't have any idea how much knowledge is enough, so he collects as much as he can, hoping he'll have what he needs when he needs it. So far, it's mainly worked out.

He's currently writing a book about writing the book that he's writing. He previously wrote a similar book, "Self-Referential Metanovel Writing for Dummies."

He thinks that's funny and hopes it might be helpful. As a possibilist, he thinks it's possible that someone else will think so, too. He doesn't yet have enough knowledge to know.

His favorite band is Gogol Bordello. That may tell you a lot about him. Or not.

You can email him at mw@mike-wolf.com

All too soon he'll have more to say about himself.