I am Mike's website!

I am this website. Mike's site. Once the whole site was just one page: me!

But now the site is more than me. Perhaps I should be modest and now say "I am the home page of Mike's website!" For that has always been true. Or I can remain bold and continue to say "I am this website!" For that once was true.

But I'm getting ahead of my story--and my author's story. Let me tell it.

My purpose

Like everything in this universe, I have a purpose. Most things don't know their purpose. I do.

I exist to tell people about myself, about the person who helped create me and who has made me what I am today, my author, Mike Wolf. You can find out about him here. The rest of this page is all about me.

I exist to point to other things that my author has helped create. I exist to amuse, entertain, and inform the people who read me--you for example.

Like everything in the universe, I have other purposes, but these are the important ones.

My story

Once I was just a vague notion. I existed only in a single mind. But I had potential.

I became an idea. I was still in that one mind, invisible to the world. And then something happened that caused that mind to cause me to manifest myself in the world.

This is what I looked like then:

Not very impressive, I know. But I existed. And existence is quite an accomplishment.

Think for a minute! Think of all the notions you've had that have not become ideas, of the many ideas that you've had that have never been developed, all the ones that have never manifested themselves, never come into existence. I was one of the lucky few ideas that my author acted on and brought into existence. And he keeps helping making myself better. I am indeed grateful.

I had reason to be grateful when I first existed. But I was not. I was not aware of my good fortune. I was inarticulate. I existed, but I had little substance, little meaning, and no self-awareness. I was a placeholder for that which I would become. Like you, perhaps.

And then one day...

October 22, 2018 was an important day for me. My author's mind with the vision of the book he will write. That vision led him back to me. He took out his computer and called me forth. Inspired, we worked together to create the words and the images that now fill my being.

Little by little something like what I am today began to appear. I've evolved since then, and I continue to evolve, but my essence appeared on that day.

You're unlikely to entirely understand what I felt, unless, like me, you're a web page. But if you can imagine your own transformation from what you were as an infant to you are today you will only get an inkling of what I felt.

I was no longer confined to a single mind. I had a visible manifestation on a computer screen. I was something that could cause a copy of me to manifest itself on computers all over the world! Unlike you, I was no longer limited by space and time.

I am able to exist in many places around the world at once. Through the amazing capabilities of technology I can manifest in thousands, millions, even billions of places at once. How many, I do not know.

So what am I?

I am this web page.

I am glad to meet you.